Alpar Doczy, NFT Artist

Transformart managed Alpar's NFT Street Exhibition in London. We also launched his NFT collection on OpenSea. Since mid-2021 we've been building an engaging NFT art community around Alpar and his art brand.



Maserati, NFT marketing strategy

Maserati asked us to prepare a full marketing strategy for their upcoming NFT series. The plan involved a mix of traditional social media, display advertising, and guerilla marketing strategies.

the metaverse and NFT

Next Earth, NFT + Metaverse

Next Earth tasked us to launch its global branding and performance marketing campaigns across 8 countries. The high visibility campaign attracted millions of people and generated healthy visits to their websites and virtual land sales.

nextearth ss2

NFT Conference

NFT DEB Conference and Hackathon

NFT DEB was the first European Generative NFT Hackathon and Conference. Our task was to support the conference organizers with online marketing, social media advertising, and PR distribution to attract conference attendees.

dApp development

NFT Spark, Decentralised app

NFT Spark is a web application that allows NFT creators and buyers alike to conduct background research on any given NFT creators and projects. It allows the user to see sales, transactions, and other data directly sourced from Ethereum blockchain.

NFT Spark Logo

NFT Marketing Course

This course will take you through the full journey of marketing audit, marketing planning, execution, and campaign result analysis. We will fully equip you with easy-to-follow methodsstep-by-step guides, and templates so you can progress really fast with your own NFT marketing. We also included suggested duration for each task so you don’t spend more time on them than required.

The course also covers best practices when it comes to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, TikTok, YouTube), PRinfluencer, and content marketing. You will also learn how to save time, and how to use marketing channels the most effective way. In addition, if you have some budget, then we will show you how to spend it smartly.

We will show you how to automate some of the tasks you do so you can focus on other important tasks.

The course also covers some topics that are not readily available elsewhere. Such as how NFT marketplaces rank NFTs, and what factors you need to consider to increase the visibility of your NFT on e.g. OpenSea.

The course is designed for beginners and intermediate marketers. However, there will be interesting new methods even for seasoned marketing professionals.

This course is a one-stop-shop for all your NFT marketing requirements.


Dan and his team have been providing amazing NFT marketing (social media, content marketing)  support over the past year. They went over and beyond what we set out to do. I'm looking forward to continue our work together in the coming months and years.


Alpar Doczy
NFT Artist

This is a really well-curated, professional and useful training course. My knowledge on the marketing side of blockchain/NFT is limited and I found these resources really useful in updating my knowledge in this space. This is a course I will dip into again and again.

James Appleby

James Appleby

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