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We offer four types of consultations 1) Marketing, 2) Web 3.0 Technology & Development, 3) Art and Graphic Design, and 4) Project Management. Within these, there are multiple areas where we can work together. Book a consultation to see how we can help.

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Daniel Vaczi
NFT Specialist

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Our standard marketing consultation hourly fee is 135 Euro + VAT. Tech support is typically between 105-150 Euro + VAT, art and graphic design is between 80-120 Euro + VAT, and project management is 105-150 Euro + Vat.

The longer and more complex projects consultation fees may be different. Fees are subject to change.


Transformart has been instrumental to our success. Great teamwork and knowledgeable consultants were key to what we have achieved.


Alpar Doczy
NFT Artist

Dan has produced a robust strategy for us to launch our brand in multiple countries across Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

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Next Erath Team

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