We have been working in online marketing for over 15 years. The online marketing industry went through a staggering transformation over a decade and a half. And there is no sign of slowing down. Look at the below table to see only the top 5000 major players in the marketing tech field. The full extent is even more complex. We wanted to show this as we believe the NFT space will attract an equal amount of specialized marketplaces, applications, and all sorts of supporting tech and services. Making sense of this complexity is our job, we live and breathe in this space.

Marketing Technology Landscape 2020

Currently, the NFT space can be divided into 9 main fields – see below. Right now as an artist you need to get familiar with Marketplaces and the VR Metaverse.

NFT Ecosystem – source

NFT Marketplaces

We listed below the two key groups of marketplaces and galleries you need to visit and have a feel for them. On the left, you see the ones that are relatively easy to get into. But getting into a marketplace is the easy part, selling it is the ultimate goal of course. On the right, is where the more established artists can list their artworks.

You also need to bear in mind that some of these marketplaces specialize in certain items or styles of artwork.

Open to AllCurated/Invite Only
OpenseaNifty Gateway
PortionKnown Origin
Suspended Soul
Blind Boxes

Our team can help you choose the best marketplace strategy by selecting the most appropriate ones for you and once you are more established we can consider some of the more prestigious platforms. This of course all depends on where you are currently with your art career. We might be able to jump right on to the curated platforms!

We can also manage the platform for you right from registration to uploading your artwork to creating engaging descriptions and manage the look and feel of your marketplace front store.

If you have any questions regarding the marketplaces or just want to have an informal chat to see if we can help then please get in touch below.