Brand identity is not limited to products and companies. You don’t even have to sell anything to have a brand identity. Probably it is easier to relate to personal identity, memorable characteristics, or in other words a recognizable persona. What is your recognizable creative persona? You perhaps have never thought about it or never consciously communicated it but you still have one (or many) which others/your audience use to understand you and identify you.


So how do we build up your story and persona? It’s a process of getting to know you, your art, and anything that influences your style.

  1. Define you as an artist and your main characteristics
  2. Review your current online presence
  3. Review your current audience
  4. Creat and agree on brand personality guidelines
  5. Finetune your online presence (social sites, websites, NFT marketplaces and galleries, etc) to your brand personality traits
  6. Start communication to a wider audience

One thing we would like to be clear about. By creating a brand identity for you we are not changing you as an artist. All we do is bring out your existing key characteristics better so your audience can understand you faster

We are happy to help artists that are less established i.e. need help developing everything from the ground up. This includes creating a website, digitizing artworks, creating social media channels (reddit, discord, insta, facebook, etc). So no matter where you are in your journey we are here to help.

Please contact us for an informal chat to see how we can help.